New Robnor ResinLab safety-focused resins now available from Ellsworth Adhesives Europe

Ellsworth Adhesives Europe is pleased to announce the
addition of two new safety-focused resins to its material range.
Manufactured by Robnor ResinLab, GR100 and GR200 are completely free from hazard labelling, making them safest resins the formulator has ever made.

GR100 is a two-part, low viscosity filling and jointing component, while GR200 is a cold curing elastomer, free from isocyanate or plasticiser.

Ideal for use in applications including electrical potting, cable jointing, off shore and low temperature potting, GR100 and GR200 are available to purchase in bulk, as a twin pack or as a kit and are guaranteed to offer end users a safer, more environmental solution than traditional resins.

Both products are easy to mix and pour, and cure at 0 ̊, ensuring good low temperature flexibility. By curing at a much lower point than traditional epoxies and polyurethanes, GR100 and GR200 retain some stickiness post-cure, a quality which could aid adhesion to certain substrates.

These safety focused resins have fast gel and demould times – GR200 cures after only 1 hour while GR100 has a cure time of 3 hours. Furthermore, these materials enjoy the additional benefit of curing without exotherm, meaning that curing is possible in thick or thin sections.

GR100 is the softer of the two materials with a hardness of A10, compared to GR200 with a shore classification of A30–35. Thanks to their flexible property, the cured material can always be cut or dug out, enabling easy access to the protected components and the ability to replace the materials if required.

With a good tack and adhesion to plastics, good tensile strength and excellent electrical and water resistance, these new resins are set to be a popular choice in the market place.

Ellsworth Adhesives Europe is an official distributor of Robnor ResinLab epoxy and polyurethane resin systems. To enquire about GR100 and GR200 or any other Robnor ResinLab products within the Ellsworth range please contact:
View Robnor ResinLab products on the Ellsworth Adhesives Europe website:


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