OC-SCAN®CCX – simple and fast New features for better results

The optical control team always surprises with new functions, simplified handling and even better results.
This year’s SMT hybrid packaging in Nürnberg introduces the contactless module counter OC-SCAN®CCX.3, including quad counting, drypack and order counting.

From 16 – 18 May, optical control will exhibit its Cluster Mechatronik & Automation in hall 4 stand 514.

We introduced the OC-SCAN®CCX component counter as an absolute world-first only 4 years ago. Today, the X-ray scanner is being deployed as standard equipment for SMT manufacturing. It is the prerequisite making progress possible for the Industry 4.0.
The CCX simplified the electronic manufacturing work overnight.

The EMS as a base for the whole electronic branch
Jointly with elektron systeme, our sister company and electronic manufacturer, optical control and the Fraunhofer Institut ERZT developed the first full-automatic contactless X-ray scanner for electronic components. Now, the third generation OC-SCAN®CCX.3 is available on the market. Software and functions are adapted in a lively exchange to the real requirements in the electronics branch. This clearly provides the great advantage that development and production have a common place in this sector. The EMS branch uses its own innovation power for the optimization of services.
„The start was certainly not an immediate success“, says Wolfgang Peter, director of optical control, with the realistic appraisal based on experience. It took quite a time to convince some customers again that the CCX offers real cash-value benefits and is not only a nice-to-have. Now, we are very proud that Continental, Hella, Siemens and Zollner – the Who-is-Who in the electronic branch – have already ordered the second machine for the optimal equipment of their plants.“

Service and Development staff place all their confidence in close interaction with the customer

The result of permanent exchange of information between customers and our R&D department is that nowadays the OC-SCAN®CCX has become not only a product but a problem solution tailored to the industries’ needs. Some specific functions that were initially developed as individual solutions can now be acquired as updates by all customers.

This year, optical control introduces at the SMT/productronica:

• Quad-Count – Count four reels (7’’) simultaneously
• Smart CCX database through automatic learning mode
• Plausibility check
• Counting with high packing density (so-called component chains)
• Drypack (counting of reels inside MSL bags even in the presence drypacks)

We are specially proud of the development of the fourfold counting, the so-called Quad counting: Counting is possible for up to four reels (7’’) during ONE process in 20 seconds.

Automatic learning mode and smart database:

Counting of unknown components within 15 seconds; CCX automatically measures the new component and finds the correct parametrization on its own. After correct counting parametrization is matched to the new article. During the next cycle you scan and count in 12 seconds – as usual.
This way, the database learns automatically with each new article. The individual autonomous library expands very quickly and without any complications for the customer specific components.
Plausibility Check:
The plausibility module performs several statistical checks after counting and assesses the accuracy and quality of the result.

This is evaluated in a stoplight mode (green, yellow and red) with an overview of the counting exactness of the result. The operator only obtains the yellow and red result images and decides through a visual check whether the result is right or wrong. He evaluates this by viewing whether the single modules were correctly recorded during the counting.

The green result images do not require extra evaluation by the operator.

The threshold values of the stoplight function can be determined by the customer according to his needs or requirements with regards to exactness.

Counting with high packing density
Big component parts in high volume packaging within a reel are difficult to count, because the parallel axis effect during the image recording does no longer allow the separation of the individual component parts. This is inevitable and is also the case with other X-ray equipment. The innovated counting software generation was specifically optimized to solve this problem and delivers superior counting results.

When counting the reels in MSL packages, it is not the packaging that represents a problem, but the silicate Drypack bag which is often welded to the reel. This produces a clear reflection in the X-ray image and may greatly interfere in its analysis. optical control has developed a special software feature that recognizes the obstructions in the image and treats them specially. This way, the counting of the welded reels is much more reliable and precise than before. Our counting software is very robust. In many cases, the counting is only correct if the Drypack is directly placed on the compomnents!

In these highly sensitive digital times with the rapid technological change, optical control focuses on their customers: „The confidentiality of data is as important as ever. Not for one single application do we need an online connection, nor for image databases, nor for the parameter setting of unknown building parts. All sensitive information stays with the customers“, reassures Dr. Jan Richarz, optical control Development and Project Manager.

In the mean time, CCX also looks forward to acquiring international recognition: optical control works together with business partners worldwide. WKK for parts Asia, Seica France, Essemtronics India, Grsys Brazil, Novassembly Mexico, Ortec Israel, smd-tec Belgium, Hilpert Switzerland, maxtronix Philippines, att Austria, Hungary necten Spain.
optical control is domiciled in the Franconian Weißenohe near Nürnberg and is a subsidiary of the elsysko group.


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