Optimized Conformal Coating Pallet Design for Increased Through-put

Top and bottom conformal coat cycle times often do not match. In order to optimize and match cycle times between two iCoat systems, we recommend pallet designs that allow half the circuit assemblies to be inverted.

Example: Top side coating of 4 PCBA’s takes 4 minutes while bottom side only takes 2 minutes. Result: 60 completed PCBA per hour. When coating 2 top side PCBA’s and 2 bottom sides the coating time is 3 minutes. Result: 80 completed PCBA per hour and a 34% increase in production.

If the Symmetrical Pallet Design (shown above) is employed, two iCoat systems can share the same coating program, saving labor of creating different coating programs while ensuring all PCBA’s receive the same exact selective application of conformal coating.

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Process Engineer at ANDA


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