Optimizing Molded Plastic Electronic Modules With Advanced Press-Fit Technologies

Press-Fit in Brake Module

Press-Fit technology has already proven effective for a wide range of applications that can benefit from its ability to provide robust solderless interconnects while streamlining assembly processes. Press-Fit interconnects can be adapted to support a variety of applications such as both parallel and perpendicular PCB-to-PCB stacking interconnects, fuse holders, molded modules, smart junction boxes, controllers, mechanical anchors, lighting and other custom applications.

This Press-Fit Tech Bulletin provides an overview of key design considerations that engineers should be aware of when using Press-Fit interconnects in molded plastic electronic modules.
Find out more:  https://interplex.com/wp-content/uploads/tech/Optimizing_Molded_Plastic_Electronic_Modules_With_Advanced_Press-Fit_%20Tec.pdf




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