Orbotech launches precise™ 800, a groundbreaking automated optical shaping (AOS) solution to increase PCB yield

image003ORBOTECH LTD. (NASDAQ:  ORBK), a provider of process innovation technologies, solutions and equipment serving the global electronics manufacturing industry, launched the Precise™ 800 Automated Optical Shaping (AOS) System at CTEX 2016 in Suzhou, China. The Precise™ 800 is the first solution for advanced High Density Interconnect (HDI) and complex multi-layer PCB manufacturing that is capable of both removing (or ablating) excess copper (“shorts”) and depositing missing copper (“opens”). This one-stop 3D shaping solution increases printed circuit boards (PCB) yield significantly by practically eliminating scrap, thus allowing PCB manufacturers to increase cost savings, lower their overall cost of ownership and achieve a faster return on their investment (ROI).

“The Precise™ 800 is a unique innovative implementation of digital additive manufacturing and represents a complete breakthrough in electronics micro-manufacturing production processes.  It is based on an additive technology that was developed by Orbotech over a number of years,” said Arik Gordon, Corporate Vice President and President of Orbotech’s PCB Division. “Our customers are under continual pressure to produce cost-sensitive, ever-smaller, functionality-rich devices in high volumes. The Precise™ 800 meets their requirements by providing high-quality, meticulous shaping of PCBs that might otherwise have been scrapped.”

The Precise™ 800’s ability to automate the PCB shaping process swiftly and accurately is enabled by two new Orbotech proprietary technologies – 3D Shaping (3DS) Technology™ and Closed Loop Shaping (CLS) Technology™. 3DS™ is based on a series of processes, including 3D defect analysis, 3D laser shaping and 3D visualization. By comparing the shape of the defect to real-time computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) data and simultaneously conducting 3D analysis, 3DS™ automatically identifies where copper needs to be added. It then guides the system’s laser to Orbotech’s Precise Stick™, a high-quality metal carrier, for precise copper deposition. The results – which must meet strict manufacturing specifications for electrical characteristics, durability and visual properties – can be confirmed immediately with 3D visualization.

CLS™ leverages specialized image analysis algorithms to make real-time comparisons between the actual image and the design data (CAM) in order to detect the precise location of the shorts and opens. It then intelligently guides the system’s laser to ablate excess copper with high accuracy.

The Precise™ 800 AOS System is now available to customers worldwide.


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