PAC-VAC™ Kit cleanroom handling tool for up to 6″ wafers and substrates

Virtual Industries Inc., a supplier of manual vacuum handling solutions, features a product line of hand tools that replace tweezers or other gripping means for many applications.

The PAC-VAC-CLN Cleanroom safe tool is battery operated and self-contained, running up to eight hours continuously on one 9V alkaline battery. This versatile unit can be clipped to the user’s belt or pocket for one-handed portable operation. Additionally, it is constructed with ESD-safe materials and comes complete with the following features:

• Power on LED indicator
• Class I Cleanroom approved
• A belt/pocket clip on the housing
• 4 feet of coiled vacuum hose, #VCH-1/16-4
• A wafer handling tip for up to 6″ substrates VMWT-B
• A vacuum pick-up handle, VWP-500
• One 9V disposable alkaline battery
• Lightweight at only 156 g
• Produces vacuum of more than 10” of mercury.

Virtual Industries’ hand tools are portable and eliminate the need for vacuum hoses or power cords. In addition to hand tools, the company offers a broad line of accessories including miniature rubber vacuum cups, PEEK wafer handling tips and precision machined handling tips for critical handling operations.

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