Panasonic launches PanaCIM® Enterprise Edition 10 Manufacturing Execution System

Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America has launched PanaCIM Enterprise Edition 10, a new, architecturally-innovative version that effectively delivers a feature-rich, manufacturing software suite through a scalable, small-footprint appliance that can grow with the manufacturer, while providing unprecedented integration of Panasonic and best-in-class complementary technology partner equipment.

“There are typically two software options for the electronics assembly industry when choosing manufacturing execution software packages,” remarked M. Faisal Pandit, President, Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America, “The first is OEM tools that focus specifically on their hardware, but they are not feature rich or enterprise-relevant. The other option involves third party enterprise solutions that have a broader range of application, yet have very limited control over the OEM equipment—plus the software is expensive to install and requires in-house IT support. PanaCIM Enterprise Edition 10 combines the best aspects of both options in a new turnkey, single-solution choice, which totally changes the game.”

Panasonic’s nearly 100 years of experience in the electric and electronics manufacturing industries, coupled with extensive global support infrastructure and the combined expertise of over thirty corresponding technology partners allows manufacturers to focus on their core competencies while Panasonic supports their enterprise.

New features in PanaCIM Enterprise Edition 10 bring greater control and functionality to line or floor levels to eliminate single points of failure, allow for line-by-line upgrades of equipment and software, and add versatility because they are hot-swappable to ease recovery. Fast implementation and open source software reduce deployment and IT costs.

Additional advantages include new data storage options, expansive asset maintenance management, process connectivity for factory-wide work-in-process control, digital documents to complement labor skill sets, and a dynamic knowledge base for easier recovery.

PanaCIM Enterprise Edition 10 has been developed for and is continuously improved based on manufacturers’ feedback to address their top objectives for success: maximizing productivity, reducing operating costs, increasing visibility, increasing up-time, sharpening response time, vertical integration, and efficiently allocating materials, equipment, and personnel.

Prior to the launch of version 10, PanaCIM Enterprise Edition was the recipient of numerous industry awards including a Technology award for Best Product Americas from Global SMT & Packaging and two NPI Awards for Production Software from Circuits Assembly.

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