PCB BGA Rework and X-Ray Inspection Solutions

Here is Leron from Seamark ZM Group.

Seamark ZM company mainly Manufacture & Export Machines for BGA/SMT Rework, Reballing and Soldering, and LED Diplay Module/LED Repair, from 2004, and have supported so many customers around the world.

Our SMT/BGA Rework Stations can rework many types of surface mount components with high performance, such as BGAs, QFPs, SMD LEDs, PLCCs, TSOLs, BQFPs, SOJs, and SOPs, etc. Flextronics, Gigabyte, and Nvidia etc all use this machine.

And now we not only manufacture SMT Rework Machine, but also develop and produce X-Ray Inspection Machine,Specially designed for PCB BGA X-Ray Inspection to check the joint and soldering result.

If you need any SMT/SMD/BGA Rework Solution,

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Skype: leronli515

Email: Sales9@zhuomao.com.cn


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