Pinpoint Accuracy – Innovative Valve Technology with „QuickFix“ Nozzle Unit Boosts Performance of Solder Paste Dispensing Applications


VERMES Microdispensing MDV 3250+ valve with new MDFH-48-CH-TA fluid box heater.

Munich, Germany, June 30th, 2017 – VERMES Microdispensing introduces the new
MDFH-48-CH-TA (Micro Dispensing Fluid Box Heater) that provides excellent results for high and highest viscous media, especially in automated solder paste applications.

In the course of continuing miniaturization, high-performance microdispensing systems that are capable of dispensing ever smaller amounts of media in a quick, accurate and contactless way are gaining more and importance. VERMES Microdispensing has been producing innovative, piezo-based microdispensing jetters for dispensing even critical media such as solder paste in a repeatable way for years. The VERMES MDS 3000 series is known for setting standards in precision, reproducibility and processing of a wide range of media.

By combining the MDS 3250+ system with the new fluid box heater MDFH-48-CH-TA VERMES Microdispensing has developed a further technical improvement that allows for process-safe, minimal solder paste quantities in a reliable and resource-saving way meeting most demanding customer requirements.

A key area for solder paste is the mounting of electronic components in the printed circuit boards assembly, for example for the application of electronic components on pads.  This process requires the highest and very constant dispensing quality. A major part of the shortcomings in the production of printed circuit boards are caused by solder paste dispensing problems or unstable process conditions.

Equipped with a controller and a valve specially designed for sophisticated, highest viscous media the MDS 3250+ has become the system of choice for these applications. With its integrated fluid box heater and the optimized media guidance of the newly developed MDFH-48-CH-TA solder pastes of various types and classes can be dispensed for multiple applications.

The innovative „QuickFix” nozzle unit allows for a particularly effective and user friendly adjustment of tappet and nozzle. For many dispensing processes the very slim design adds a better control even for smallest components that are most difficult to access. Thanks to the compressed system design the media-carrying components can be cleaned easily and independently, which results in particularly low-maintenance demand.

In order to meet also extremely fine high-precision dispensing requirements VERMES Microdispensing has continued to optimize its valve systems so that they are now able to apply even smallest possible droplets with a small drop diameter at highest reproducibility.

„High-performance dispensing systems that are able to dispense ultra-small structures become more and more important for electronics manufacturing“, explains Jürgen Städtler, CEO of VERMES Microdispensing. „Our flexible jet system MDS 3250+ can be perfectly adapted to specific and challenging processes thanks to the system’s modular concept. Specially designed for solder paste and high and highest viscous media the MDS 3250 + solution delivers shortest dispensing cycles with high dynamics and frequencies.”


About us

Headquartered in Germany, VERMES Microdispensing revolutionized microdispensing technology with the introduction of its contact free piezo-based MDS 3000 series in 2001. Today, the company is a world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative microdispensing concepts and systems for adhesives, silicones, greases, solvents and other fluids.

VERMES high precision MDS 3000 valves support modern manufacturing processes across the globe, e.g. for automotive, pharmacology, smart phones, TV sets, lamps, wafers, automated manufacture of LEDs, MEMS components, RFID tags, LC displays and many other electronic devices.

Our systems enable our customers to achieve contact free dispensing of highly viscous media droplets in the micro and nano-liter range at theoretical frequencies of more than 3000 Hz; a rate that is unique in our industry.

VERMES Microdispensing employees are dedicated to providing the best technologies and services to its customers around the world with the ultimate aim of contributing to increased throughput, improved quality and lower production costs. More information about VERMES Microdispensing can be found at

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