Practical Components Adds FC150JY Fine-Pitch Glass Chips for Underfill, Adhesive and Other Research and Qualification Applications

Practical Components Inc., the world’s leading supplier of dummy components and test boards, announces that it has added the FC150JY Type B 10×10 mm full area glass chip to its extensive lineup of available chips.

The chips are 700 µm (±70 µm) thick with a bump pitch of 150 µm (0.0059″) and can be ordered as copper pillar with a SnAg solder cap.

“These innovative glass chips provide the solution to checking the mechanical bonding between chip and PCB with underfill,” said Russell Kido, Sales Manager at Practical Components. “These chips also have proven valuable in evaluating SMT adhesives and applications used in surface-mount assemblies on PCBs when fixing components to the board during wave soldering or double-sided reflow.”

FC150JY Type B chips are available as an uncut 8″ wafer containing 208 chips per wafer or ordered diced as required and/or with available substrate kits.


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