Practical Components adds Foresite Umpire 2 Test Board to its line

Practical Components has added the Foresite Umpire 2 Test Board to its extensive line of Dummy Components and Process Evaluation PCB Boards and Kits.

Headquartered in Kokomo, IN, Foresite is a consultancy and analytical test laboratory dedicated to solving product reliability issues created when electronics manufacturing process residues and other surface contaminants degrade field performance.

Foresite’s Umpire 2 test board and kit is an easy-to-manufacture vehicle for full process evaluations. It has all the common patterns used for SIR and electromigration resistance testing plus the component SIR patterns such as the 80 pin TQFP, 256 BGA.

The Umpire boards correlate to B-24, B-25A and B-36 test boards, and are recognized as a valid test vehicle for Bellcore testing. The vehicles can perform adhesion testing and dielectric strength tests as well as solder mask interactions and effects tests.

“The Foresite/Practical Components relationship is a perfect fit,” said Russell Kido, sales manager of Practical Components. “Foresite’s board design is an ideal match for our customer base. Their analytical services are already being used by many of our customers and will increase our reach into this market. We are excited to welcome Foresite to our selection of world-class companies that make Practical Components the leader in dummy components and Process Evaluation PCB Boards and Kits.”

Practical Components’ products are designed to help engineers qualify their technology, and train and grow their business while significantly reducing costs. Kido added, “Our dummy products are selected with care to be the finest ‘factory quality’ components and Process Evaluation PCB Boards and Kits that simulate real-world production. Special attention is given to lead-free availability and formulations including all the various SAC formulations.”

Dummy components are exact mechanical equivalents of live components used only when the physical properties of the components are required. These components can cost as much as 80 percent less than live components, making them ideal for testing of solder processes, machine setup and other process evaluations.


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