ProgWorx improves device programming efficiency and quality control

Adaptsys - ProgWorx softwareAdaptsys, a provider of programming and taping solutions for electronics and precision mechanical manufacturing, announces the availability of ProgWorx, a software suite to improve the efficiency and traceability of programming devices in electronics manufacturing.

ProgWorx is a new approach to board programming which complements and streamlines traditional device programming hardware interfaces, including manual probing, edge connections and bed-of-nails fixtures.  By utilising ProgWorx the user can set up processes to ensure the operators are guided through each step of a programming process.  This can eliminate operator errors and ensure full traceability on programming jobs, revisions, codes and device serialisation. All these processes can be monitored live and if required fed directly back into customers’ manufacturing systems. In addition ProgWorx can help move programming away from expensive ATE systems, which are historically slow to program in any production line. .

ProgWorx allows electronics OEMs and contract manufacturers to dramatically enhance quality control and traceability, while improving the efficiency of their manufacturing systems and therefore reducing costs. The software integrates with a range of different programmers, allowing companies to select the programming technology best suited to their needs.

The software also links with ERP and other manufacturing software systems through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), aiding the optimisation of business processes, reporting and the management of stock.  ProgWorx supports common technologies for tracking boards in manufacturing environments, such as barcode scanning and label printing. It also generates serial numbers and keys automatically, which benefits applications where secure communications are required.

ProgWorx features an easy-to-use GUI, which makes configuration intuitive, displays the progress of the programming process and allows easy identification of which boards pass and fail.

A particular advantage of ProgWorx is the built-in traceability, which will improve quality control systems in all industries but is particularly relevant for applications where this is a key requirement.

ProgWorx software is available now from Adaptsys


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