Pulse Electronics’ antenna miniaturization technology enables high data rates in tight spaces that require 3×3 MIMO configurations

e42b4c24-3256-457f-9df2-b267952f9e59DenseAnt TL 1.0 optimizes isolation and performance for tablets, laptops, and notebook computers

Pulse Electronics Corporation introduces a new method of constructing antennas to enable high data rates in tight spaces that require 3×3 multiple input multiple output (MIMO) configurations such as tablets, laptops, and notebook computers. Pulse’s new DenseAnt TL 1.0 advanced manufacturing antenna technology fits three WLAN antennas in physically the same volume as was used for two LDS antennas without compromising performance or isolation. The antenna is composed of high dielectric materials to realize a 4-decibel improvement in isolation over standard plastic substrates, achieving higher performance even when integrated in close proximity with each other. The antennas are customized for each application and configuration, optimizing them for size and performance.

“High-speed data rate applications require MIMO technology, which increases the number of antennas required in a device,” explained Jon Yu, GM for Pulse Electronics Wireless Consumer Business Unit. “At the same time, the space allocated for the antennas is limited. Pulse’s DenseAnt miniaturization concept utilizes advanced manufacturing technology combined with the use of advanced materials. This technology enables multiple antennas to be closely integrated with each other thus enabling high throughput while achieving optimal space utilization in a cost effective way.”

Pulse Electronics’ DenseAnt TL 1.0 supports WiFi WLAN 802.11n, ac standards. These customized antennas are proven and ready to be implemented in any project. For more information visit the website at http://www.pulseelectronics.com, or contact Pulse Electronics at Mtimosaari@pulseelectronics.com


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