PVA announces the release of the New ProFlow 2K progressive cavity pump

Global manufacturer and supplier of conformal coating and precision dispensing systems, PVA (Precision Valve & Automation, Inc.) is pleased to announce the release of the new ProFlow 2K progressive cavity pump.

The ProFlow 2K is a dual component dispenser designed for applying small volumes of 2-part adhesives in lines or dots with a high level of control. A servo controlled rotor that seals a rubberized stator produces a continuous flow of material for each component. The tight tolerance on the sealing mechanism assures pulse-free and drip-free operation of the valve, even with low viscosity fluids. Frank Hart, PVA Sales and Marketing Manager states, “The ProFlow 2K satisfies growing market demand for small deposits of two component chemistries with highly precise volumetric control. This technology is bringing the benefits of multi-component compounds to a process that has traditionally been limited to single component formulations.”

The ProFlow 2K requires no routine flushing or purging as each component is metered in a separate chamber. The A and B components are introduced via a disposable static mixer. The valve features a +/- 1% accuracy, dependent on material with a viscosity range of 1 – 100,000 cps. More information can be found by visiting our website, www.pva.net


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