Quick adjust PCB transport racks

Quick and Convenient Set-Up for Different Board Sizes.
Now available from FKN Systek, Stackable PCB Transport and Storage Racks made of conductive material for safe and convenient handling of Printed Circuit Cards during assembly. These Racks will hold up to 50 PCBs from 2” to 9.8” (5 to 25 cm) wide. Racks are made of conductive plastic temperature rated to 176 O F, Surface resistance <10 6

The width of the rack can be quickly adjusted for different PCB sizes by unlocking the stop latches on the top panel, pushing the side plate to the correct position and resetting the position holders. A unique chain and sprocket mechanism assures that the sides of the panel will be held parallel during adjustment. Adjusting the rack for new PCB size takes less than 20 seconds.



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