R&D VaporTech introduces the redesigned RD2 batch vapor phase reflow system

RD VaporTech RD2R&D VaporTech, a subsidiary of IBL Technologies, LLC, is pleased to introduce its newly redesigned RD2 Batch Vapor Phase Reflow System. Among other enhancements, the redesigned system offers enhanced profiling capabilities with a convected preheat zone and three vapor preheat settings.

The RD2’s energy use has been reduced by 30 percent and R&D VaporTech has realized a reduction of 40 percent for the fluid fill requirement over the previous model. The system features onboard working fluid filtration as well as an auxiliary holding tank. Additionally, three-level password protection and a full graphics touch screen OIT have been integrated for user-friendly programming and operation.

The RD2 provides consistent, uniform and reliable heat transfer for high quality reflow. With a working envelope of 18″ L (455 mm) x 15″ W (380 mm) x 2.5″ H (63 mm), the RD2 features a patented palletized conveyor system that keeps the product horizontal throughout the process.

The RD2 was designed to accommodate medium volume multi-shift production and medium to large sized products. This unit allows any company, regardless of size, to produce products of the highest quality.

R&D VaporTech offers a full line of single vapor batch and inline type reflow systems. For more information, visit the website.



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