Services regarding electronic components

As one of the worldwide market leaders in the field of testing, programming, Long Term Conservation and -Storage, analytics as well as processing of electronic components the HTV-group of companies will present a variety from its wide range of partly unique services in hall 4, booth 549 at SMT 2017:
• TAB® (Thermal-Absorptive- Gas-Barrier): Worldwide unique Long-Term Conservation and -Storage of electronic components for up to 50 years
• HTV-revivec®: Removal of oxidation and impurities on component connections
• HTV-NovaTIN®: Highly durable re-tinning of electronic components for the restoration of solderability
• HTV-OTP-Alive: Erasing and reprogramming of OTP components
(one-time programmable)
• HTV-Institute for Materials Analysis: Comprehensive test and analytical services including quality control, failure analysis and detection of component manipulation
• HTV-Academy: Cross-sectoral and subject-specific training courses such as e.g. „IPC-A-600/610 Training as certified IPC Specialist (CIS)“

As one of the few European companies MAF, the subsidiary company of HTV, offers packaging of electronic components.
In addition to premold packages and the packaging of series production quantities into plastic packages wafers can be diced and special packages also with several dice for specific applications can be developed and produced.


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