Singulating up to 12 Scorelines in one pass. For LED Lighting Strips

K5000 600FKN Systek K5000 manual and autoload multiple blade depanelizers speed up PCB production.

Singulate multiple pre-scored PCB panels in one pass with the FKN Systek K5000 depanelizer. Panels up to 10.6″ wide can be separated by placing onto an input conveyor to be passed onto the separator blades.

The K5000 is available in four configurations; as stand alone straight through operator load/unload machine, as an in-line microprocessor controlled SMEMA interface system for PCB hand-off from the reflow output conveyor, as a single operator side load system for LED Lighting Strips and in an automatic PCB Rack input version for batch processing.

The cutting area is protected by a see through cover to prevent access during operation. Separated panels slide down a gentle incline onto a conveyor belt or take up tray. Up to 14 sets of blades can be placed side by side onto the separator mandrels for singulating strips as thin as 0.5 inches. Changing blade sets for different PCB panels is done from the side of the machine and takes about 15 minutes.


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