Superior salt spray resistance for hermetic glass-to-metal sealed housings

Offering the best materials for the job

Permanently bonding glass and metal together is particularly challenging for most manufacturers because the thermal expansion coefficients of all the materials usually differ, so they must be perfectly matched.

“When advising our customers, SCHOTT engineers draw on our 70 years of experience in hermetically sealed enclosures, and we can recommend and supply the best technology and high-performance combinations of materials,” Hettler said. “SCHOTT’s new coating for hermetic glass-to-metal packages is another industry-leading technology, and devices treated with it will perform at their peak for longer.”

SCHOTT manufactures a wide range of hermetic enclosures for customers based on their special requirements, and its offering includes TO headers and caps, microelectronic enclosures that use glass-to-metal or ceramic-to-metal technology, and fully ceramic packages.schott-gtms-housing-comparison-with-without-special-coating

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