Synchrono® eKanban manufacturing software now available in Simplified Chinese

gI_123624_2.3_SyncKanbanScreenSynchrono®, a leader in demand-driven manufacturing software, today announced that its popular SyncKanban™ software is available immediately, in Simplified Chinese.

SyncKanban real-time inventory replenishment and supply chain collaboration software supports the efforts of supply chain professionals to right-size inventory and automate replenishment based on actual demand. Many Synchrono clients are able to dramatically reduce their amount of on hand inventory; freeing warehouse space and reducing waste that translates savings directly to the bottom line. Clients also experience improved inventory turns and are able to significantly reduce their lead times, increasing revenue in some cases, by millions. Given these results, Synchrono is supporting its client’s efforts to quickly roll the software out to factories and suppliers in China.

“Making our SyncKanban software available in Simplified Chinese helps our clients save more – faster”, comments John Maher, Vice President of Product Strategy for Synchrono. The software has long been easily localized for clients, however, due to demand, the company opted to make Simplified Chinese readily available as a standard offering. “Because SyncKanban is web-based, we can quickly implement the software anywhere, anytime.”

Synchrono offers regular webinars on SyncKanban software through its website at A free trial of the software may also be requested through the website. SyncKanban software is sold on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription basis.


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