Techcon Systems launches TS9300HM Series PUR Hot Melt Jet & TS930 Controller

Techcon TS9300HMTechcon Systems, a product group of OK International and a provider of fluid dispensing systems and products, announces the launch of its new TS9300HM Series PUR Hot Melt Jet valve and TS930 Controller. The valve and controller are specially designed for high-temperature operation.

The TS9300HM Series features patented diaphragm technology and is easy-to-use and clean. A single replaceable diaphragm eliminates dynamic fluid seals common in all other jets. Only the nozzle plate and diaphragm are in contact with the fluid. The jetting mechanism is isolated from the fluid to ensure contamination-free operation.

The TS9300HM syringe heater features a unique disposable feed tube to minimize cleaning and enable quick syringe exchange. A thermal jacket designed around the feed tube help eliminate the need to clean residual PUR between the syringe and the jet.

The TS930 is the companion controller with the TS9300HM Hot Melt Jet valve. It offers precise fluid management and standalone or remote control operation. The TS930’s PID auto-tuned temperature controllers with RTD sensors maintain uniform temperatures up to 150°C. The dual independent temperature controllers for the jet and the syringe heater provide optimal jetting performance while keeping the PUR at reduced temperature for extended life. Additionally, the dual trigger mode enables the valve to dispense single drops, multiple drops and lines.

For more information, please contact the Techcon Systems team at (714) 230-2398 or visit the website.


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