Techsil launch new, black epoxy underfill adhesive suitable for use in reflow processes

A new epoxy-based underfiller called Structalit® 8202 has been developed by Panacol (Steinbach, Germany) and is being launched in the UK by adhesive specialists, Techsil (Bidford-on-Avon, UK). Structalit® 8202 is a low viscosity one-part adhesive with a high capillary flow and fills the narrowest of gaps.

Designed for chip stack packages and BGAs, Structalit® 8202 is a high performance underfill material. It is a one-part, black coloured epoxy with low viscosity which flows into very thin spaces. Special features of this product are its low coefficient of thermal expansion and high glass transition temperature. This makes Structalit® 8202 stable at high temperatures, allowing usage in reflow soldering processes.

Structalit® 8202 cures rapidly under the influence of heat. The underfiller can also be cured during reflow processes. Due to its very good compatibility with most lead free solders the adhesive cures completely even if it gets into contact with residues from flux agents.

Once cured, the material provides excellent mechanical properties to protect solder joints during thermal cycling. Structalit® 8202 is RoHS compliant and meets electronic grade standards (less than 900ppm Cl-).

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