Techspray introduces Plato Brass Waterless Tip Cleaner

CS-50_applTechspray, a manufacturer of precision cleaners for electronics, and industrial and electrical applications, now offers the Plato Brass Tip Cleaner (part #CS-50) as a part their popular Plato electronic repair and rework line.

Plato Brass Tip Cleaner removes burnt flux and oxidation from tips to improve wetting, heat-throughput, and tip life. It cleans quickly without water, eliminating thermal stress of tip from the wet sponge.

Cleaning soldering tips has never been easier. Operators jab the hot soldering tip into the pad, and the brass micro-coils scrape off the solder without scratching the tip’s surface. The tight coil structure prevents hot solder from flinging back out, so the solder is safely retained inside the pad.

Plato Brass Tip Cleaner works with all popular soldering stations including Weller, Hakko, Pace, and Metcal. Techspray’s also offers a full assortment of cutters, tip cleaning sponges, and soldering tips. Plato soldering tips are engineered for greater life and faster heat recovery, and are available to fit popular soldering stations.

Kevin Pawlowski, Techspray Product Manager stated, “The Plato Brass Tip Cleaner combines safety with greater efficiency, making it an ideal addition to our Plato product line.”


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