Three trends of flex rigid PCB you should know

Flex rigid PCB, or named rigid flex PCB.

Its combination of rigid and flexible PCB, the circuits are connected with rigid PCB and flexible PCB.

Most important is that flex rigid PCB can provide good reliability as rigid PCB, also have very flexible performance.

This paper will discuss something related to flex rigid PCB.

Flex rigid PCB is a good choice for smart devices

To most new smart devices, like virtual reality devices are require small and flexible component solution.

But most components can not design with flexible function.

So the flexi rigid PCB is the best solution for most smart devices.

Due to a rigid part of flex rigid PCB can provide good contact stability, to ensure the smart device has good mechanical ability.

And the flex part of flex rigid PCB can connect all components very flexible option.

By the way, flex PCBs also a choice for smart devices.

Flex rigid PCB have Decrease the assembly process

We have know flex rigid PCB have good mechanical and connected ability.

How do flex rigid PCB decrease the assembly process?

Usually use flex rigid PCB situation are some complex design cases.

If you use rigid PCB for those smart devices, the size of design may become very big.

And most important is that assembly so many rigid PCB together not very easy.

But flex rigid PCB can provide three demensional freedom of design.

This mean the assemly process use flex rigid PCB become more easy.

Flex rigid PCB can reduce the total cost

Emma wants clear that we discuss flex rigid PCB can reduce the total cost, not means it’s cheap price.

In fact, the price of flex rigid PCB is higher than rigid PCB board to most PCB manufacturers.

One reason to reduce total cost is that decrease the assembly process.

Most of the assembly process spends 50 to 70 percent of the total cost.

The second is due to the price of flex rigid PCB have cheaper than before.

More and more PCB manufacturers can provide cheap flex rigid PCB with good quality.



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