TLE987x-embedded-power-ICs from Infineon now even easier to test and program with VarioTAP®

TLE987Special model libraries for the TLE987x family of Infineon modules are now available for testing, validation and programming. GÖPEL electronic has made it possible to flexibly test and program those libraries identified as VarioTAP® models using the SWD debug interface. This means that these Infineon modules can be used as instruments for prototype hardware design validation and production tests.

The TLE987x family modules are 3-phase bridge drivers from Infineon’s Automotive Embedded Power range. They are equipped with Cortex M3 cores and can be programmed with customer specific firmware. The internal modules are controlled via the SWD two-wire debug interface, making it possible to, for example, control GPIOs or program and verify internal flash. The TLE987x family is particularly suited to 3-phase motor applications such as fuel pumps, HVAC fans, engine cooling fans and sensor based motor control centers.

The space-saving VQFN-48 housing typically prevents any direct contact with external instruments. Once embedded diagnostic tools have been installed, VarioTAP® makes testing, hardware debugging and design validation available. This means that users in OEM, ODM and EMS sectors can fall back on their tools for designs with TLE987x family processors, which speeds up prototyping, shortens new product lead times and guarantees the quality of production tests with reduced access.


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