Transition Automation announces new Permalex® blades for YAMAHA printers

Transition Automation, Inc., announces the availability of a newly-designed Permalex® blade system for YAMAHA SMT printers. The new design features a two-part assembly that enables users to purchase either the blade element or the blade and holder element separately. The company has also expanded the range of available sizes for this equipment platform in mm sizes 600, 560, 530, 440, 400, 350, 300 and 250. The part number codes for this new design are listed as follows:

PLX-YAM-DBL-D1-XX, (XX Denotes the Length Required); Permalex Blade Bonded to Aluminum Attachment Bar.

PLX-YAM-DBL-D2-XX, Holder Assembly with Paste Retainers and Thumb Screws.

Transition Automation, Inc. is maintaining stock levels of this mission critical item so that manufacturers can receive shipments within 3 days A.R.O.


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