Tray loading concept increases throughput on NanoGlue

NanoGlue_DetailIn most assembly procedures, the loading of the devices inside the processing station takes a substantial portion of the cycle time. Nanosystec introduces a new concept with removable device trays which allow for loading/unloading multiple device sets within 15 seconds – compared to previously 20 minutes for four assemblies

The NanoGlue station works with two identical trays, each holding several device sets. The operator loads one tray outside the station while the second tray is automatically processed inside. When the automated process is finished, the trays are just swapped on the generic machine interface. The loading outside does not only reduce the cycle time, but is more comfortable and avoids mistakes compared to the loading inside the machine with confined space and time pressure.

In addition, the generic machine interface increases the versatility of devices produced on the same station. This is achieved by adding additional device specific trays – without any modification or set-up time of the automated station.

NanoGlue_Detail2NanoGlue is an established powerful system to assemble photonic chips. The system offers up to 12 alignment axes for fibers or fiber arrays, optics, lasers, photodiodes, VCSELs etc. in single or serial form with an error of less than 50 nm. Carefully designed grippers pick the pieces and align them actively or passively. The automated algorithms ensure minimal alignment time. Automatic dosing of the adhesive and the subsequent UV curing complete the assembly procedure.

The NanoGlue station can be tailored to the specific task. As an example, if the station is used for research or basic development, other joining methods – such as laser welding or laser soldering – can be integrated into the structure. A modular architecture both in hardware and software allows future upgrades and adaptation to changing requirements.


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