Valor releases update DFM software – Valor NPI

The de facto Design for Manufacturing software in most factories is the Valor DFM. The software took designs through a number of verification steps, typically resulting in 4-6 reps before reaching final verification by a DFM expert.

The new Valor NPI software has automated a lot of these verification stages using a set of rules that defines the DFM factors, classifications and constraints. This replaces the previously error-prone manual entry system. Once applied, Valor NPI works concurrently with the design process, reducing the DFM cycle from weeks to potentially days and reducing the number and skill level needed by the final verification engineers.

The Valor NPI product from Mentor captures the technology inherent in the PCB design and associates it with appropriate manufacturing processes to automatically select which design-for-manufacturing (DFM) rules and values to apply. The result is an intelligent and automated analysis that provides an extremely efficient and effective DFM process.


This is the most significant upgrade to Valor’s popular DFM suite in 7 years. Existing Valor customers on support contracts will receive the upgrade as part of their ongoing service package.

Trevor Galbraith.


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