VIPER – The New Step Stencil Solution

The SMT assembly industry is said to be mature and stable……Nothing could be further from the truth!!

The SMT world, from a basic stand point is basic, but todays economic challenges increase the challenges being met by our process engineers.

Historically the Step stencil was always a last ditch solution, never a complete solution, only a compromise to a solid process.  But nevertheless it is what it is, a solution, with compromises to be accepted.

We’ve all seen these compromises:

Delivery schedules….not predictable, most of these products are made outside the normal Stencil manufacturers facility….Customs now was an impact to customer OTD.(On Time Delivery)

Surface finishes, no matter if it was a step up or step down….the chem etched surface was always an issue…especially with the finepitch, this complicated the process even more….now you needed a electroformed step stencil…..more intangible show stoppers!!

We all know that the Stainless steel material is the most conforming material, so when you did have to go to the “Nickel” solution….now you had mechanical seal issues……

To Boot……what abot the ecological impact of the manufacturing of the chemically etched products and the Nickel solution products……NOT GREEN.

I spent over 30 years looking at how we do these things and thought there needs to be a better way……..

Then VIPER was created.


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