Weller enlarges its new WT Line program with a 2-channel soldering station

Weller presents its new WT 2M soldering station for high-performance soldering.

Powerful soldering station

WT2M.jpgThis powerful WT 2M soldering station incorporates 2 independent channels for 2 irons adding up to a maximum of 150 Watts of power. Besides many standard tools the established Weller Microtools can be run with this station. WMRP soldering iron and WMRT desoldering tweezers are fitted with our patented cartridge tips which deliver the highest performance. The tips can be changed quickly and easily without any additional tools and guarantees the best soldering results.

Easy to operate

The station is incredibly easy to operate and with its energy saving properties reduces the environmental impact and improves cost-effectiveness. As the existing WT 1 or WT 1H the WT 2M the WTHA 1 can be stacked on top of each, saving vital desk space. The multifunctional LC Display provides the operator a detailed overview of all functions. The display features clearly arranged graphics which make it possible to understand setting parameters of both channels at a glance. The control panel on the front is distinctive and offers an uncluttered and particularly clear design. All of the important operating elements are placed on the front. The menu button ensures instant access allowing users to navigate through the menu structure easily.

WTP 90 soldering iron – Unique on the global market

Our 90 watt soldering iron is unique on the market. Weller is presenting the world’s first active soldering system with replaceable, passive, high-performance soldering tips. The soldering iron combines the cost-effectiveness of a passive soldering system with the design and ergonomics of an active one. The lightweight and slim soldering iron has a soft rubber grip and a thin silicone cable offering ease of use and is beautifully ergonomic.

Innovative 2-in-1 Weller Safety Rest WSR

The option of switching the safety rest between dry and wet cleaning is an innovative feature. It can be lifted and turned through 180° allowing the user to choose between sponge or dry cleaner. The high-quality cast base material increases the stability. The soldering tips can be stored safely at the safety rest. It is also possible to attach several WSR next to one another.



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