Weller offers the Zero Smog TL Fume Extraction System with a Free Filterset

Weller Tools, the world’s No.1 brand in hand soldering solutions, is pleased to announce that its Zero Smog TL Fume Extraction System features a flexible extraction arm, extraction hose, stop valve with bench mounting brackets, remote switch and funnel nozzle.

The Zero Smog TL fume extraction system is specifically designed for continuous operation in industrial environments. With its small footprint, it is ideal for use as a small central system and purifies air in up to two workplaces. 

The maintenance-free brushless EC turbine provides continuous fume extraction. Additionally, the portable fume extraction unit can be placed under or next to the work bench. It features an automated filter change notification system.

The Zero Smog TL has a fine dust pre-filter (class F7) and H13 HEPA filter with exceptionally large 2.4m² filter surface for longer service life.  Now for a limited time, Weller is offering an additional filterset free of charge when ordering the Zero Smog TL Kit1 (part number – ZEROSMOGTLKIT1NP).



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