Weller Tools Launches the WSW Solder Wire Platform for the Perfect Solder Joint

The perfect solder joint requires the perfect connection between the components because compromises lead to poor results, defects in the components and expensive rework. Weller’s solder wire (WSW) platform provides only the best and exceeds expectations.

Weller Tools, the world’s No.1 brand in hand soldering solutions, announces the new WSW Solder Wire platform, engineered to deliver the perfect solder joint every time.

Designed to enhance the quality of all hand and robotic soldering jobs, Weller WSW solder wire increases productivity while reducing operating costs. WSW solder wire optimizes the performance of the soldering process by reducing tip consumption, ensuring a low total cost of ownership by decreasing labor time and resources. Additionally, the reduce splash feature increases direct user safety while keeping the workbench clean. With a guaranteed 100% continuous flux core, combined with pure metal melting, WSW solder wire avoids cost and time-intensive rework and enables long-term, highly durable solder joints without cracking, even on difficult surfaces.

Additionally, the WSW solder wire platform is available in a range of reel sizes: 100g, 250g and 500g to meet most users’ needs. WSW solder wire is designed to provide best-in-class professional solder wire for R&D engineers, rework technicians, soldering technicians as well as general, professional and arts & crafts hobbyists and DIYers.

Weller WSW is comprised of six products ranges: 

• WSW SAC M1 provides very fast wetting, even on difficult surfaces and is applicable on dirty and oxidized materials. The no-clean universal wire is capable of high soldering temperatures and features excellent melting characteristics for various applications.

• WSW SAC L0 is 100% halogen-free with good wetting and melting characteristics and can handle high soldering temperatures. It also is a no-clean flux.

• WSW SC L0 is another no-clean flux, 100% halogen-free wire with good wetting and melting characteristics. It also is a silver-free alloy, making it cost-effective.

• WSW SCN M1 features very fast wetting, even on difficult surfaces, and is applicable on dirty and oxidized materials. High solder temperatures are possible and it provides excellent melting characteristics cost-effectively. It delivers shiny solder joints with perfect optics and is a no-clean flux as well as a silver-free alloy.

• WSW SC M1 cost-effectively provides very fast wetting even on difficult surfaces. It is applicable on dirty and oxidized materials, features excellent melting characteristics, and can handle high soldering temperatures. It is a no-clean flux as well as a silver-free alloy.

• WSW SnPb lead solder wire provides superior performance for soldering aluminum and stainless steel surfaces. It also can be used under low processing temperatures, is a no-clean flux, and provides excellent wetting and melting characteristics as well as shiny solder joints (perfect optics).

WSW exceeds the industry standards and reduces tip soldering use up to 70 percent with fewer soldering splashes, uniform melting behavior, best quality and no material contaminations. The platform is ideal for fast tip wetting, resulting in perfect solder joints, an optimized production process, clean workspaces and user safety. Available for a range of applications across manufacturing and retail, WSW delivers maximum flexibility.


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