Weller Zero Smog EL – the cost effective solution for fume extraction direct on the workbench

ZeroSmog ELThe new Weller Zero Smog EL is the perfect solution for small and cost efficient soldering applications.

Optimal health protection
The high quality and reliable long life maintenance free brushless EC blower assures 150 m3/h suction volume and offers a high extraction power with 2.500 Pa. With an on/off switch remote and electronic filter alarm the Zero Smog EL optimizes the operating conditions up to 2 workplaces and ensures an optimal health protection of the user.

Easy installation
The flexible and adjustable Easy-Click 60 arms guarantees an effective adjustment to the bench. With easy installation – it’s ready to use in less than 4 minutes.

All features at a glance:

  • Large EPA H13 filter surface of 2.4 m2. For long filter lifetime
  • Separate changeable medium fine dust pre-filter M5
  • Active carbon foam for effective gas cleaning
  • 4 speed adjustments for variable power regulation
  • Portable fume extraction unit, to be placed under or next to the bench-top
  • Quick and simple installation with Easy-Click System
  • Easy filter exchange
  • Long life maintenance free brushless EC blower

Technical Data

Max. capacity                                           up to 2 working places
Max. turbine extraction rate                 150 m3/h
Max. turbine vacuum                             2.500 Pa
Voltage                                                      230 V, 50 Hz (120 V, 60 Hz)
Electrical power                                      120 W
Noise level                                                55 db (A) in 1 m distance
Dimensions (L x W x H)                        335 x 330 x 445 mm
Weight                                                       8,6 kg


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