Yamaha launches modular Z:TA-R YSM40R surface mounter with fastest placement rates

ZTAR_150dpi_YSM40_R PhotoYamaha IM America announces the launch of the new ultra‐high‐speed Z:TA-R / YSM40R modular surface mounter, which boasts the fastest placement rates and area productivity, at an unmatched 200,000 CPH: the fastest in the world.

As the successor to the current high‐density modular Z:TA/ YSM40 machine, the YSM40R was developed using a revolutionary productivity concept. With the adoption of a 1m‐wide compact platform, a 4‐beam layout and Yamaha’s multi nozzle Rotary Head, the highest speeds and area productivity are achieved.  The combination of high‐speed production with flexible and versatile production formats makes this machine uniquely suited to the ever-changing and challenging demands of OEM and contract assemblers.

With the YSM40R, Yamaha has incorporated the functionality of a high speed rotary head design within an ultra-compact platform. While providing the speed of a rotary head, the newly developed ultra‐high‐speed head is also capable of simultaneous pickup as well as simultaneous vision recognition of all components on the head at once.

Additionally, with the adoption of new algorithms, the combined effect of faster servo motor speeds and the high speed ZS feeders allows the YSM40R to deliver an incredible mounting speed of 200,000 CPH while also realizing outstanding area productivity.

Yamaha has also improved placement accuracy and mounting reliability with the adoption of a new high‐rigidity base frame, a new lightweight X-gantry, and a newly developed high‐speed side view camera that checks the status of components in real time immediately after pickup, as well as before and after mounting. All of these improvements enable the YSM40R to be compatible with extremely small‐sized components down to 0201 metric (0.25mm x 0.125mm).

In addition, machine stoppage losses have significantly decreased and production rates improved due to the adoption of new features that perform nozzle self‐diagnosis and self‐restoration without interrupting production.

Enhanced algorithms for automatic component data generation such as Yamaha’s e‐Vision, help prevent pickup and recognition errors, additionally contributing to decreased machine stoppage losses.

In making the announcement, George Babka, Sales General Manager for the SMT Business Group of Yamaha Motor IM America, Inc., said, “The new YSM40R platform represents not only a fusion of Yamaha’s core technologies, but takes them to the next level.  Now we have broken the barriers of area productivity and speed, while maintaining an extraordinary level of flexibility to handle very small to very large components on a single platform.”



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