Yamaha Motor launches new high-end hybrid AOI system

YSi-V 12M TypeHS2 Increases Inspection Speed and Precision,and Enhances Capacity and Performance for Specular Components

Yamaha YSi-V 12M TypeHS2

Yamaha Motor Europe IM announces that it launched the YSi-V 12M TypeHS2 high-end hybrid automated optical inspection (AOI) system. As the successor to the YSi-V 12M TypeHS, this new very high-speed specification model features increased speed and precision, as well as enhanced specular component inspection capacity/performance.

Development of the YSi-V 12M TypeHS2 aimed for faster processing through improved image processing hardware and image inspection algorithms, and has achieved a more than a 20% increase in three-dimensional inspection speed compared to the existing model. In particular, the new model delivers a significant speed increase of approximately 40% compared to the existing model in printed circuit boards (PCBs) with many component mounting points.

New features include a high-precision mode, enabling capture of clear three-dimensional images. The high-precision 7 μm resolution type includes an all-new-design dedicated three-dimensional image capture projector optical system, significantly improving form reproducibility of extremely small-sized components down to 0201 (0.25 x 0.125mm), and increasing height measurement repeatability.

Furthermore, the optimization of image capture parameters and the employment of newly-developed algorithms has enabled inspection capacity/performance compatible with thin, highly-integrated WLCSP and FOWLP components, whose use on the market has risen dramatically since last year.

The YSi-V 12M TypeHS2 will be showcased at Productronica 2017, an electronics manufacturing and mounting technology exhibition to be held from November 14th to 17th 2017 in Munich, Germany.



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