YXLON International is proud to announce the latest technology advances to their market leading FeinFocus product range for electronics applications.

‘Micro3Dslices’ gives operators one of the most accurate Laminography solutions in the market today, surpassing the current market benchmark. Bernhard Muerkens, VP Electronics said: “This exciting technology takes Laminography to a whole new level and gives clearly superior results much faster, really moving this technology into the semiconductor area. The new virtual rotation axis and unprecedented precision of the new manipulator assembly provide unrivalled inspection results, simplified operation and higher inspection throughput.”

Microfocus X-ray system Y.Cheetah with new manipulation assembly

Microfocus X-ray system Y.Cheetah with new manipulation assembly

This solution is much more accurate than previous versions, due, in part, to the quality of design and engineering in the new manipulator assembly, allowing smaller and less dense features to be imaged than it was previously possible. This new technology produces vastly superior laminography results, when compared to other systems which revolve the detector or use inferior manipulators.

The inspection of a complex assembly or component with ‘Micro3Dslices’ including the automatic analysis of the slice-by-slice images now takes less than 40 seconds per part, thanks to these developments. By means of the virtual rotation axis, the region of interest can be chosen at any point on the large inspection area and ‘Micro3Dslices’ can get started immediately, providing constant inspection results of highest precision and quality. Semicon and Wafer inspections also benefit greatly using the improved mapping technology and precise defect markings support the easy sorting of defective parts, another key requirement for this demanding market.

This new technology also offers a huge leap forward for all types of 2D imaging and the accuracy and repeatability for all types of inspection routines as well as analyses in the field of electronics applications, including QFN inspection. The prototype will be presented for the first time at the SMT exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany.


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With our FeinFocus product line we offer microfocus systems for detailed insights into even finer structures. If semiconductor packaging, BGA soldering joints on printed circuit boards, sensors or relays – with 2D or 3D inspection missing or damaged bonding wires, flawed soldering joints or splices as well as other manufacturing defects can be detected and their position and size defined according to requirements.

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