ZEISS presents new products with enhanced Gemini technology

GeminiSEM_systemZEISS GeminiSEM and ZEISS Sigma – two families of field emission scanning electron microscopes

ZEISS is introducing a new generation of field emission scanning electron microscopes (FE-SEMs) with enhanced Gemini technology for research, industrial labs and imaging facilities. The proven Gemini design combines electrostatic and magnetic fields and exemplifies efficient detection, high resolution and ease-of-use.

The new ZEISS GeminiSEM family for high contrast and low voltage images from any sample

The ZEISS GeminiSEM family comes with a novel optical design. The Nano-twin lens delivers images with high contrast and sub-nanometer resolution. NanoVP allows the use of in-lens detection at pressures of up to 150 Pa. Even charging samples can now be imaged with high quality. At the same time, NanoVP improves lateral resolution of EDS data, providing higher spatial resolution on chemical specimen composition, thus gaining more information from the sample. “Excellent imaging performance down to 100 V without even having to bias the sample” says Dr Laurent Maniguet from Grenoble Institute of Technology. He and his team are among the beta testers of the system. “This is a big step forward”, adds Maniguet.

The ZEISS Sigma family for high quality imaging and advanced analytical microscopy

The ZEISS Sigma family combines FE-SEM technology with an excellent user experience. A structured 4-step workflow guarantees fast time-to-image and increased productivity. A large range of detector options allows the user to tailor ZEISS Sigma family exactly to the applications at hand: imaging of particles, surfaces, nano structures, thin films, coatings and layers. With its best in class geometry for EDS analysis, ZEISS Sigma is the instrument of choice for fast analytical characterization on any type of sample.



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