ZESTRON® EYE Mobile – fast concentration measurement for up to 10 different cleaning machines

The device guides the user easily to a precise concentration measurement result without needing detailed knowledge about measurement technology. Configurable measurement profiles allow process monitoring for different machines. The battery life lasts for several days.

When concentration of the cleaning bath starts to deviate from the set point, e.g. by drag-over, the dosing recommendation function is useful. The result – a recommendation with the appropriate cleaning agent or DI-water addition is provided in order to obtain optimum concentration within the wash tank.

Of course, the ZESTRON® EYE Mobile also offers complete documentation and storage of the measurement results for process control and traceability, which can be transferred to a PC via USB.

For further information, please visit: https://www.zestron.com/en/zestron-eye-mobile.html


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