ZESTRON® EYE: Successfully established in the South Asian market

E16-01MY-ZESTRON-EYE-successfully-established-in-the-south-asian-marketThe ZESTRON® EYE, the world’s first automated concentration measurement system for electronics cleaning processes, was globally launched in 2013 and since then, has been integrated into the production process of more than 80 customers worldwide. A large number of customers are located in South Asia which makes the ZESTRON® EYE system the leading measuring control unit within the region.
The device, specifically designed for ZESTRON cleaning agents, includes an inline sensor that accurately measures the cleaning bath concentration in the presence of flux loading. Additionally, a touch screen controller displays real time measuring results. The ZESTRON® EYE is easily installed into production processes and can be linked with an automated dosage system. Furthermore, there is the option to connect it to the company’s network for remote access.

Using the ZESTRON® EYE within the cleaning process ensures that the cleaning agent concentration is accurately maintained, expected cleaning quality is achieved and process parameters are recorded providing process traceability.
For further information please visit the web site or contact us at infoasia@zestron.com



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