ABchimie will be presenting  ABchimie 80K-UV LED , a soft one component, VOC-free resin that cures in seconds under UV LED radiations @ Productronica | Hall A2/Booth #502

ABchimie will be co-exhibiting with MSTech and Inventec Performance Chemicals during Productronica 2021 at Hall A2 – Booth #502  from 16-19 November, Messe Munich, Germany. 

ABchimie’s conformal coating are specially developed to ensure high protection to PCBAs from their environment. They don’t only improve and extend the working life but also can provide reliability and performance. With continued miniaturisation of electronics and their circuitry, the necessity of conformal coating has tremendously increased and choosing the ideal type of coating and application method for your application is crucial. During the show, we will give you the necessary information on how to speed up your production dramatically with our UV cure products and also highlight examples of how best to select the most suitable product for your application, by providing an insight into how ABchimie has provided collaborative solutions for a number of different applications with global customers.

The key solution for companies looking to reduce VOC and ozone emissions, and increase energy savings during their manufacturing process:

[ABchimie 42K UV LED] which is a soft one component resin, extremely flexible with high viscosity, which cures quickly (in a few seconds) under UV LED radiations:
It is VOC-FREE and is deposited on a wide variety of substrates (PCBAs, plastics, etc.).  It provides protection against ambient humidity, and is used as electrical insulation.

[ABchimie 746E UV LED] is the latest innovative system and cures at the usual thickness (around 100 microns). Its softness guarantees a good adhesion on PCBA, an excellent protection of the components and also no cracking or delamination under harsh climatic conditions. It offers a very good resistance in thermal shock testing and provides exceptional adhesion on the PCBA.

 [ABchimie AVR80 BA] is the “green alternative” halogen free of common acrylic conformal coating, this version is non toxic. The specified solvent used in this formulation is designed to protect people.

Among these products, ABchimie has developed a new flexible, single component and solvent free resin that cures under UV LED lights. These advantages provide good adhesion on many substrates. ABchimie80K-UV LED can be applied in thick layers. Its drying process is immediate, under UV lights, allowing fast productivity.  This resin ensures the local protection of the components, especially against humidity and high electric pressure. It also can be applied to bring robustness to your systems.

It is already used for high-end French equipment to protect high voltage areas against metal dust and vibrations.  

ABchimie not only provides high quality products but also ready to use products. You can request the specific viscosity for your equipment. Our technical support team will assist you upon your request. Just come to our booth, we will be pleased to welcome you!

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