Accelonix will discuss solder recovery from EVS at MATELEC


EVS 500 LF (Lead-Free)

EVS International, the leader in solder recovery, announced that Accelonix EMEA SL will discuss the new EVS 500LF lead-free version in Booth 5C04 at MATELEC, scheduled to take place October 25-28, 2016 in Madrid, Spain.

The EVS500LF enables the customer to reduce solder consumption by up to 50+ percent, an unheard of reduction in the electronics production industry. The simple yet ruggedly designed system is highly ISO14001 compatible as it complies with the ISO mantra of reduce – reuse – recycle.

The EVS 500 also can help to reduce dedrossing time by 75 percent and waste dross off-site by up to 85 percent. The system meshes perfectly with environmental control systems and also helps to reduce customers’ carbon footprint, an important environmental imperative, by utilizing the latent heat already imputed to the dross to help the recovery process.

The EVS500LF is designed for even the customer with selective solder pots who only removes small amounts of dross every hour or the customer with multiple waves where one EVS 500LF is connected to each wave to ensure that maximum recovery is maintained throughout the life of the wave solder system. Additionally, the system has been designed to be the same size as a printer and is aimed at multiple markets, such as the customer with one lead wave and one lead-free wave, the customer who uses Nitrogen or wants to reduce their Nitrogen usage. Users can quickly recover up to 80 percent of pure solder with a higher ROI from the waste dross.

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