ACI Technologies conducts hands-on Profiling and Solder Reflow Course with KIC Equipment

KIC announced that ACI Technologies will host a “Profiling and Solder Reflow: Electronics Manufacturing Skills Training” from Nov. 21-22, 2016. The hands-on training will be conducted on KIC’s automated thermal process tools and systems, and will provide personnel with the knowledge and skills necessary to setup and operate a reflow process. Upon completion students will be able to apply their knowledge of reflow soldering techniques by successfully identifying the heat transfer modes and systems for each reflow method covered.

The course is designed for engineers, technicians, quality assurance personnel and managers to familiarize themselves with the various processes, equipment, and analytical tools/materials used in establishing and refining an effective time-temperature profile. This course is ideal for senior technicians, engineers, and supervisors/group leaders desiring to increase their knowledge of electronics manufacturing through both classroom discussion and hands-on experience. Discussions will include the following topics:


  • Heat Transfer
  • Current Reflow Methods
  • Processing Atmosphere (and how to use it to your advantage)
  • Profile Development (includes hands-on session)
  • Board Instrumentation and Profile Refinement (includes hands-on session)
  • Benefits

Industry recognized processes and procedures will be introduced and discussed. Participants will acquire an increased knowledge of the various processes, materials, and common setup methods used in profiling for electronics assembly. The knowledge gained in this course is intended to aid the student in making choices and decisions that will optimize their assembly process and help mitigate problems before they arise. For more information about the two-day course, contact the training center; ACI Technologies, Inc.; web:; phone: 610.362.1295l email: registrar@aciusa.or



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