AdoptSMT at the Amper Show Czech Republic March 15th to 18th , Booth F.002

AdoptSMT  – We keep your production running

AdoptSMT over the last 20+ years has become Europe’s largest supplier of pre-owned electronic production equipment. AdoptSMT have specialised centres throughout Europe in all types of production equipment, and they can offer everything from single feeders to a total turnkey system. AdoptSMT presents at Amper 2016:

Direct Die Feeder and SMT Automation Feeders

The only Wafer feeder available for different SMT placement systems and custom automation platforms. Single wafers are vertically loaded into the feeder, positioned automatically, then precisely located by a vision system. The DDf Innova may use either ink dot recognition or wafer mapping to ensure that only good die are extracted from the wafer frame.

Using Direct Die Feeders from Hover-Davis lowers overall capital investment and reduces assembly costs. By utilizing DDf technology, customers may realize significant savings by:


  • Eliminating separate and dedicated production lines for SMT, bare, die, and flip chip by combining them into one.


  • Enabling total assembly solutions with much higher speed and flexibility, resulting in lower cost per placement.


  • Eliminating costly, non-value added processes, such as intermediate die transfer into pocketed tape, surf tape, or waffle packs prior to placement.


Masking Labels and Masking Tapes

IMG_5046_transparent_4cNortec high temperature masking labels are made out of polyimide like the Nortec high temperature Identifications Labels, but are constructed with different adhesives, which keep the labels on the PCB during wave soldering and reflow processes, but are still easily removable

after these processes. The labels can be used for masking parts of the PBCB during wave soldering or also as placement like identification labels!

We have standard sizes available for manual apply and for auto apply, but can also produce special sizes and shapes to your needs.

Polyimide Masking Tapes

IMG_5035_transparent_4cIt is preferred to use masking labels in the right size to avaoid the manual cutting process, but is not always possible. We have therefore added polyimide masking tapes to our catalog and stock the common sizes, so we can clients fast with all their masking needs. Also our masking tapes are UL approved.

SSF Automation Feeder

See at our stand the new adaption of SSF feeders for automation. Easy integration with product specific machines by well documented communication interface and stable base plate. All the advantages of SSF feeders are now available with an easy protocol.


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