AIM’s Mehran Maalekian to Present at ICSR Toronto 2017

AIM Solder, a leading global manufacturer of solder assembly materials for the electronics industry, is pleased to announce that Dr. Mehran Maalekian, Research & Development Manager, will present his white paper “Low Silver SAC-Bi Lead-Free Solder For Enhanced Reliability” at the International Conference on Soldering and Reliability (ICSR) in Ontario, Canada, scheduled to take place June 7th, 2017. Dr. Maalekian’s presentation will begin at 11:30 AM as a part of the Solder Joint Reliability session.

Dr. Maalekian’s paper examines the effect of bismuth (Bi) on microstructure, mechanical performance and soldering properties of a low silver SAC alloy. The study demonstrates that adding Bi in certain percentages improves soldering performance and the mechanical behavior of low silver SAC alloy. The reliability characteristics of this Bi-containing low silver SAC in electronics assembly is also presented and compared with SAC305.
Dr. Maalekian is experienced in materials engineering with a focus on physical metallurgy, soldering, modelling in materials engineering, metal forming and thermo-mechanical processes. Dr. Maalekian has received numerous recognitions including the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Award, the International Henry Granjon Prize (IIW), and IWS-Sossenheimer Award. Dr. He has published many scientific and technical papers, serves as a reviewer of several scientific journals and is on the editorial board of “Science and Technology of Welding and Joining.”


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