Alltemated Presents PB Tec at Productronica 2021

Leading Distributor for PLACE-N-BOND™ Underfilm

At Alltemated Inc., our adhesive underfilm, PLACE-N-BOND™, bonds components to the PCB.  Corner/edge bonding BGA/LGA packages is a popular application of this technology. Utilizing PLACE-N-BOND in SMT assembly generates major improvements to solder ball/joint shock-drop reliability or effective strain relief. If needing an underfill alternative for an application, PLACE-N-BOND™ Underfilm is the perfect solution. 

This product has continued to change the game for SMT component adhesives. With more development beyond just BGA reliability applications, PLACE-N-BOND™ usage continues to expand. This includes many types of strain relief applications for flex circuits that are directly soldered to rigid PCBs. Other uses include conformal coat dam, 3-D encapsulation and flex to connector bonding. The latest trends are bonding inductors, capacitors and connectors to PCB in reflow.

pb tec solutions is Alltemated’s leading distributor.  pb tech provides sales and consulting services to the electronic industry.  With many years of experience and comprehensive know-how, pb tec helps customers enhance the quality of electronic products and the efficiency in the SMD production. Experts in processes and systems, pb tec provides innovative solutions, from automatic optical inspection and feeder technology to marking and traceability.

You can discuss your SMD bonding application with pb tec at Productronica. Check them out on November 16-19, 2021 in Munich, Germany—Booth #A2-557.


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