Almit GmbH reports success and halide-free trend at SMT Nuremberg

Solder materials specialist, Almit, reports continuing interest in its premium products from visitors to the company’s stand at the SMT Hybrid Packaging exhibition in Nuremberg.

Almit’s stand at SMT Nuremberg 2018

Speaking of the 2018 exhibition experience, Business Development Manager Fabian Mendel observed initially that visitor numbers appeared to be down on last year. However, he noted that this was not supported by the number and quality of leads Almit enjoyed, which closely matched previous years.

In addition, Mendel pointed to the additional dimension such a show delivers to materials producers like Almit: “The show provided excellent opportunities for us to network with other professionals in the industry. For Almit, strengthening relationships with equipment suppliers and machine manufacturers is essential. These companies are exhibiting at the show and have customers who need solder products that perform to the highest standards. We provide those superior products designed to make the most of equipment capability,” he explains.

At this event, the Almit team also noticed increasing interest in the company’s halide free soldering materials. Mendel believes that this trend is driven by the automotive sector. “Automotive manufacturers are pushing their suppliers to move to halide-free, despite that being a challenging process,” he claims. “To achieve the wetting characteristics to form reliable joints, manufacturers need very-high-quality solder products. That’s a perfect match for our premium solders”

Almit has spent more than 60 years developing special materials and positioning itself as a supplier of premium solder brands globally. SMT Nuremberg revealed that those efforts are paying off, especially in Europe. “We observed many positive outcomes at the show and received great feedback and recognition from our network of customers and business partners,” says Mendel.


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