ALPHA® Argomax® 9000 Silver Sintering Preforms wins prestigious award at JPCA Show in Japan

Alpha Argomax 9000 Award_JPCAAlpha Assembly Solutions, the world leader in the production of electronic soldering materials, is pleased to announce that ALPHA® Argomax® 9000 Silver Sintering Preforms won the award under the materials category of Sangyo Times. This prestigious award was presented to Alpha by Semiconductor Device Newspaper – Sangyo Times Inc. on June 1 at the 22nd Semiconductor of the Year 2016 in Tokyo Big Sight during the JPCA show. Alpha won for No.1 share of nano-paste & improvement of customer support system. The ALPHA® Argomax 9000 Preform was selected among 34 new materials that were introduced to the market between March of 2015 and April of 2016.

Backed by novel patent-pending sintering application processes, ALPHA® Argomax® 9000 preforms are uniquely positioned to fit into existing manufacturing equipment and processes to enable high volume manufacturing. “Argomax® silver die attach preforms combine unique physical properties of nanosilver powder and innovative chemical formulations into a revolutionary product,” said Oscar Khaselev, Director of R & D and also the innovator of this technology. “This process produces an extremely reliable, high thermal and electrical conductivity interface when joining various electronic devices.”

ALPHA Argomax 9000 PreformsArgomax sinter technology covers a wide variety of devices and applications from large area thyristors and power modules for electrical and automotive equipment to miniature discrete components for mobile technology and LED lighting. The technology improves performance of existing power devices and increases their reliability 5 to 10 times compared to traditional joining techniques. ALPHA® Argomax® Preforms enable use of the new high temperature SiC and GaN devices with efficiency unattainable with the existing technologies. They can also replace extremely hazardous lead-tin and expensive gold-tin solders enabling environmentally safe and low-cost production.

ALPHA® Argomax® 9000 Silver Sintering Preforms are a world first for the Power Semiconductor Industry. For more information on these innovative and high reliable preform materials and our global services and capabilities, visit the Alpha Assembly Solution site.


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