Alpha debuted new stencils technologies at the Enova Show, Paris

Alpha Assembly Solutions, the world leader in the production of electronic soldering and bonding materials, debuted its newest innovations from its range of state-of-the-art printing stencils at the Enova Show in Paris. The show ran for two days from Wednesday 14th – Thursday 15th September.tensored-beauty-shot

Alpha, part of the MacDermid Performance Solutions group of businesses, introduced tensoRED™, its new Master Tensioning Frame, designed to provide a higher and more even tension compared to ALPHA® Tetra Frame. Due to its innovative design, no air pressure on the frame is needed, resulting in reduced maintenance costs and improved reliability. ALPHA® tensoRED™ also delivers less paste smearing, reduced variation in volume deposits and improved positional alignment compared to ALPHA® Tetra Frames.

ALPHA® Precision Milled Stencils were also featured at the show. ALPHA® Precision Milled Stencils have been designed to enable optimal control of the paste deposits when assembling boards containing a wide variety of component sizes. They allow great flexibility in the transition from one thickness to another and improved surface quality.

To find out more about Alpha’s range of advanced Stencil Products visit the Alpha website


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