Apex FA exhibiting at IPC APEX Expo 2017 in San Diego

Apex Factory Automation will be introducing two new machines to the North American Market at the IPC Expo February 15-17th in San Diego:

The Mirae MAI is a flexible hybrid machine which uses SMT Mounter technology to perform odd part insertion and placement. Its unique features include lead straightness inspection of PTH parts before placement into the PCB via laser (preventing scrap parts and boards.) It also features a post placement component insertion verification using it’s unique ZHMD system. The MAI can feed bulk parts via vibratory bowl, or packaged parts in stick, SMT tape, and tray as well as both axial and radial tape and reel leaded components. Customized Gripper nozzles are available for all types of parts up 55mm tall, and the MAI can place standard SMT parts at high speed as well.

The SJ Inno Tech SLM-350VT PCB laser marking system utilizes a EO Technics Fiber laser, giving virtually unlimited Laser lifetime. A PCB flipper is included for printing either side of the PCB. Additionally a Vision Camera is standard to read fiducials and the bar codes after lasering for verification if desired, and the system includes an air ionizer and a fume extraction system.

Apex FA will also be exhibiting its award winning SJ Inno Tech HP-520SPI printer, the only SMT printer on the market that includes full PCB 3D SPI, giving feedback to the printer with zero time penalty, all in a single compact machine footprint!

The Xavis H-130 Xray system, a 3D xray unit, will present state-of-the-art Xray imaging at the show. The new version of the VX3D class-leading 3D rendering/analysis software will also be demonstrated, showing the remarkable resolution and detail of Xray images only available with CT scanning technology.

For additional information stop by booth #2033 at the show or contact your local ApexFA sales representative.



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