Ascentech will exhibit Optilia, Inspectis and GEN3 products at SMTA Ohio Expo & Tech Forum July 13

Ascentech, LLC, a well-known distributor of leading-edge process optimization equipment for electronics manufacturing, will exhibit and demonstrate advanced Optilia, Inspectis, and GEN3 test and process optimization instruments and solutions at the upcoming SMTA Ohio Expo & Tech Forum, July 13, 2017, at the Embassy Suites Cleveland Rockside in Independence (Cleveland), Ohio.

Ascentech will demonstrate the new INSPECTIS High Definition Optical Inspection System, a complementary partner to the highly-flexible Optilia AB line of Inspection Systems. INSPECTIS is a plug and play, reliable, cost-effective high-definition camera microscope. It is designed for Optical inspection, Quality control, Electronics PCB inspection, Non-contact measurements, and much more in a competitively-priced, All-in-One ergonomic package now offered by Inspectis Optical Systems AB of Stockholm, Sweden.

Other exhibited products will include the award-winning GENSONIC Ultra-Sonic Stencil Cleaner and GEN3 Systems Solder Saver, a solder/dross separation tool. The Gensonic is a manually-operated, ultrasonic transducer unit for cleaning stencils used in printing solder pastes and adhesives. It can be used either directly on the printer or at a separate cleaning station.

The GEN3 Solder Saver is a hand held, compact system for separating Dross from good solder. The unit easily reduces hardened dross material to oxide powder making it possible to remove the dross oxide waste from the solder pot, leaving valuable solder in the pot.


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